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Technical Applications & Inventory Management Solution Specialists

"Reducing the total cost of ownership of perishable tools and industrial supplies for metal cutting and forming businesses in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky through the use of our experience, innovation & technical expertise."

Updike Supply’s Value Proposition

Our Value PropositionUnless you fully understand how to optimize the performance of the products you purchase, you can never fully realize the greatest total value of the product. 
Updike Supply has the knowledge and applications expertise to help you increase your productivity and lower your overall total cost.

The best products, regardless of price, are of no value if they aren’t immediately available when you need them. 
Updike Supply’s inventory management solutions, using our proprietary systems and processes, can ensure you an uninterrupted supply of product.

In order to achieve the greatest possible efficiency and the lowest total cost, you must have meaningful, accurate data with which to make decisions.
Updike’s proprietary spend analysis tools identify and track detailed usage data in order to develop cost reduction priorities and report specific key metrics such as cost per piece produced.


Smart Solutions for Dramatic Results

Dramatic results -- real cost savings -- can be achieved by utilizing technology and applications expertise to tackle systems problems rather than focusing resources on relatively minor issues with less cost impact.

You benefit from our expertise and solutions by achieving a:

  • Streamlined procurement process
  • Reduction in your total inventory investment
  • Improvement in your manufacturing productivity

Nationwide Buying Network
— Savings for You

Nationwide Buying NetworkYou benefit from our significant purchasing leverage as a leader of America's largest buying network of independent distributors.  You get:

  • Access to virtually any brand product
  • Competitive prices


Learn why Updike Supply is Recognized by the Industry...

Industry Experience

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Tool, die & mold
  • General machining and fabrication industries

You Save Money with value creating services such as...

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